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African simba

African simba

African simba novomatic

African simba is a type of game imported from African countries where the king of the jungle leads firmly and decisively. Amazed by the power of the king of the jungle and children’s fairy tales make novomatic interested in an exciting and powerful game. Novomatic presents a jungle game with animals that live in the wilderness.

The scenery is filled with weeds with rather barren soil, so you all have to be careful when crossing or walking in the middle of the forest. Every sound you hear will make you fall prey to the king of the jungle. The king of the jungle who is famous for his roar and strength is the lion or better known as the simba.

Game symbol

http://Getvault – Simba is a more familiar name for players. His strong attitude and sturdy body is able to overthrow many enemies. In the African simba game you will find several other animals that also live in the African forest. A 5-reel screen will give you many unexpected wins from the same symbol or from combining different symbols.

The value you will get can vary. Freely formed winning values ​​will give you the opportunity to use 243 ways to get paid for each game bet. The symbols that continue to rotate and show the strength of each animal that appears in the African simba game. The symbols are giraffe, lion [simba], buffalo, ostrich, meerkat, mountain photo, and symbols of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9.

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Wilds and scatters

Of all the symbols that become the leader of the African simba game is the lion [ simba ]. Wild is strong and powerful isn’t it. Wild is present on reels 2, 3, and 4 so take advantage of the presence of wilds so you can win easily and quickly. Can replace all symbols except mountain photos. This time the scatter is a photo of a mountain. A beautiful place to coexist with wild beasts and the king of the jungle. If you get 3 photos of the same mountain, you will activate 12 free spins.

Mountain photos will be present on reels 1, 3, and 5. Present in any position still gives value and free spins for you. During the free spins, if you get 3 more mountains, you will get the same number of free spins. Let’s keep spinning the game roll, don’t give up because the chance to win is getting closer to you.

Chance to win the game

Enjoy the games available in African simba games. In addition to playing rolls, you can also enjoy additional games available under the game screen. Press gamble and you will find a game in the form of cards. Guess the color of the card that is behind the black or red card. If your guess is correct, the value on the gamble will be added immediately and your credit value will increase. But on the other hand, if you guess wrong, the value of the coins you bet will be lost.

Use your best chance to win the game. Longer spins and making you impatient to win fast can suppress autoplay games. In autoplay the screen on rotation will move quickly and you don’t have to press the start button anymore. The reels will continue to spin and value symbols faster. So that the game does not automatically end, you have to see the amount of credit, if it is almost running low, you can immediately add the value of your bet.

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