The first time of folding phone was a communication tool in the form of a cellphone. The unique and simple model makes many cellphone lovers interested in folding phones. Small, easy to carry everywhere, no need to be complicated and practical. Before the arrival of folding phones, there were already mobile phones or like satellite phones.

The type of telephone that is rather large and does not use cables only uses batteries. Because the phone’s large body makes it impossible for telephone users to carry anywhere carelessly and it’s also too complicated. But times continue to follow changes so that folding phones are created.

First foldable phone

Getvault – The folding phone comes from a movie inspiration. Seeing a model that is small and practical to carry everywhere makes telephone makers challenged. The first folding phone from the Motorola company. Which was released in 1983 at a time when it was still using a large satellite phone. Although a folding cellphone is the first cellphone presented by Motorola, the folding cellphone model has a rather heavy shape.

For the first time, Motorola has a cellphone that is a bit heavy. However, Motorola did not give up. Continuing to make new innovations so that they succeeded in releasing a cellphone that is lightweight and can be carried everywhere. The success of Motorola is also an example of enthusiasm for other mobile phone makers.

folding phone
easy to carry everywhere//folding phone

It’s not just one company that makes foldable phones

Not only Motorola but also cellphones from Simon, Ericson, Siemens, folding cellphone series from Nokia, and other cellphone brands that have succeeded in making folding cellphones. As technology advances, more and more folding phones continue to evolve with the times. The shape of the folding phone when it first came out had various forms.

There are many other forms of folding phones that we can find, such as square and oval. Seeing the cute and unique foldable phone model makes many people like folding phones. Especially the women. Many women like unique and cute shapes. So that folding poncel became the target of women.

Liked by both men and women

Mobile phone companies continue to make various innovations for folding phones. Folding phones will continue to issue many versions starting from the color, the type of cellphone in each character.. Beautiful colors with elegant phone models make many women who like folding phones. Folding phones are not only for women but men can also use them.

The foldable phone makes for a very attractive and exciting class model. Although many women who like folding cellphone makers also have to think about how to attract men’s attention to folding phones. With an elegant model and colors that look macho, many men want to have a folding phone.

Latest version

Various types of contents of folding cellphones that continue to change with cell phone models also change shape. Various sophistications that continue to develop make folding phones never stop for some time. Even though they have stopped, the cellphone company has not given up and continues to look for new innovations with the latest version, namely Android.

The cool android version is easy to access anywhere. mobile phones are becoming popular in the know many people. Folding cellphones also change their shape into beautiful and charming versions of cellphones. The screen model that can now also fold and tone is also a folding model that can have 2 sides of the screen on a folding phone. The emergence of a new version of the foldable phone has become the target of folding phone lovers.